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  1. Steve Devine says:

    Test comment by Steve

  2. Matt C says:


    Website is much easier to navigate. One thing I noticed and would suggest: remove the picture of the two young men walking on the campus. They may not be affiliated with the retreat or with AA as a whole, but either way, their picture implies it.
    Awesome work! I’m looking forward to being on the committee this year.

  3. Tony G says:


    Great Start! The site is definitely better on mobile. I have two suggestions (so far):

    1) I think the page might look better if the menu bar was placed at the very top of the page instead of under the logo picture.

    2) I wonder if there is a way to improve our logo picture for the website. It looks fine on mobile because it matches the size and dimensions of a phone screen pretty well. When you load the page on a computer with Chrome or Firefox or whatever, it looks kind of goofy stuck over in the left-hand corner with all the white space to the right.

  4. Marty Monte says:

    I love the site. Very easy to navigate. Great work.

  5. Tony Goelz says:


    I think the form for collecting info looks good. The only item I am not sure we need
    is the sobriety date just because people who are signing up for the first time may be reluctant to give it. We always put that field on the actual registration form for the guys to fill in when they register. It might be more useful to know if somebody signing up has never been to the retreat before.  

    1) I like the idea of doing a brief newsletter once or twice a year, maybe in September after we have the wrapup meeting and in March to kick off the next retreat. In the September letter, we could summarize the survey results and financial report and then in the Spring announce the retreat theme and encourage people to start spreading the word. This should be discussed at the March meeting.

    2) Instead of “members” you could just call it the retreat mailing list? You definitely want to avoid the impression that people are registering for the retreat. I think the page where people sign up needs a paragraph or two describing what they are signing up for – the newsletters (if we decide to do them) and the registration
    form and announcement emails when we send them out.

    3) Is it useful? I would say it is a good addition to the email form on our current site which seems to only attract spam from people who want to redo our website for money. Also, the name and address information can be used to fill out the registration forms before they are emailed which reduces the need to decipher people’s handwriting.

    I would vote to take the site live if you can clean up/hide the “Pages, “Recent Posts”, “Meta” and “Recent “Comments” boxes on the home page. I think it is a vast improvement over the current site.

    Also, the new site needs to be updated with the 2019 B&W and color flyers

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